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Safety/Security Window Film

What is Safety and Security Control Window Tint?

Safety and Security Window Film is a thick and optically clear and designed to help hold broken glass in the frame. This film is made from the highest quality materials, such as tough, high tensile polyester and ultra-strong mounting adhesives. Film comes in clear and several shades of solar control. We will assist you in choosing the right level of protection for your property.

Download Armorcoat Specs here
Armorcoat Specs (adobe PDF file)

Crime Prevention – The Tough Defense Against Thieves

Criminal glass breakage incidents can occur at any time and usually happen when you least expect it. To a thief, a broken window is an open door to the valuables locked inside. Your merchandise, electronics equipment, office furniture and other costly materials can all be damaged or gone in a matter of minutes after a criminal gains entry. By holding broken glass firmly within the window frame after breaking, illegal access is much more difficult and less likely to occur.

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UV Rays
Reflection of the sun - Water, sand, and concrete are highly reflective surfaces, bouncing back as much as 90% of the sun's rays upward and sideways. Whatever the time of year, remember the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can still cause harm to your skin so protect yourself.