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Before/After Window Tinting Tips

Here are some before and after tips you may find useful.

Before your window film is installed:

Clear the Way!

Remove or secure Window Treatments away
from the glass

Move any pieces of Furniture, Artwork or Electronics
near the windows

Be prepared to keep curious pets from the
installation areas

Airborne Contamination Reduction

Do not Vacuum on installation day

Turn off all ceiling fans and redirect A/C vents

Pre-Installation Inspection

Inspect for broken glass, loose panes and other glass fixtures such as security stickers and alarm attachments

Discuss glass breakage history and IG unit seal failures, if any.

After your window film is installed:

Film Dry-out Time

During the installation process, trapped moisture can cause small bubbles and/or slightly cloudy film. This should be expected and will fade during the Dry-out time

Do not attempt to pierce the bubbles – the damage to the film is not covered under warrantee

Dry-out time can take up to 6 months and will vary based on film type and location. For example, direct sunlight will shorten the Dry-out time and the thicker film will take longer. The trapped moisture will dry out – be patient

Cleaning Tips

Do not clean the window film for 30 days. This will ensure proper curing of the special mounting adhesive to the glass.

Do not use ammonia-based products. Dish soap, baby shampoo or old-fashioned vinegar and water work great.

Use soft materials such as new smooth sponges to clean and dry clean cloth or squeegee to dry. Do not use any abrasive materials or any materials that may be contaminated with dirt particles, like old sponges.

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UV Rays
Reflection of the sun - Water, sand, and concrete are highly reflective surfaces, bouncing back as much as 90% of the sun's rays upward and sideways. Whatever the time of year, remember the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can still cause harm to your skin so protect yourself.